Camp Directors Since 1912

Since the early days of Camp Fuller, having a dedicated leadership team has been crucial to the success of the camp.  The Camp Director has always been at the helm to provide a vision for the future and chart a course for moving forward.  From  capital improvements to training and the implementation of a safe and exciting program for the campers and staff, the director has always worn a variety of hats from CEO to song leader and most often the first hand shaken as you come through the gate.  Our directors have always lead by example and taken camp through some difficult times with a commitment to the Fuller Spirit.  

We are very proud of the long legacy of camp directors who have guided Camp Fuller over the years.  They have been the custodians of Fuller since 1912.

1912-1915   Lester H. Clee
1916-1916   Charles H. Line
1917-1918   H. Park Harding
1919-1932   John A. Cranston

John A. Cranston

1933-1947   Andrew J. Ried
1948-1952   Duncan C. MacLean
1953-1957   Redmund “Sandy” Sandman
1958-1960   Charles Hanscomb

Charles Hanscomb

1961-1968   Theodore “Ted” Ressler

Ted Ressler

1969-1969   Raymond Wertz
1970-1970   Theodore Arvidson
1971-1973   George Seiffert
1974-1976   Vernon H. Bradley
1977-1981   Joseph A. DeGroote
1982-1984   Michael Peterson
1985-1987   Peter J. Duffy
1987-1993   Gary Richardson
1993-1999   Jerry Huncosky
2000-2017   Peter Swain

Peter Swain

2018-2020  Kate Messier


Kate Messier