Camp Fuller Archive Project Turns Three!

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A big “Thank You” to our subscribers who have supported the Camp Fuller Archive Project since we launched in October, 2020.  From the beginning, our goal was to bring you back to Camp Fuller with old photos, stories, songs, folklore and the shared memories of our time at this wonderful place on Point Judith Pond.  We have uncovered documents, pictures, and ephemera that had been tucked away in and around Camp and in the basements, attics, and drawers of hundreds of people who saved their memories for some unknown reason other than not wanting to get rid of them.  

Here are some highlights and milestones we have reached:

  • This year we had over 2400 new users which is a 365% increase over last year
  • We had a 25% increase in organic searches
  • The website is viewed in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, France, and Germany
  • One of the top landing pages is the song Flee-Fly-Flow
  • We now have over 1400 regular subscribers

Perhaps there always was a reason for saving stuff, we just didn’t know it at the time we put it away.  Our hope in creating this website was to evoke memories and provide a pathway for people to re-visit this special place and the individuals who made Camp Fuller special.

The Archive Project was designed to be multi-generational and open to anyone who wanted to contribute.  Whether it was an old photo, a Sun Prod T-shirt, a story or song, or just finding yourself among the over 2,000 photos we have posted, we hope we continue to provide a comfortable place to visit whenever you want to venture down the Camp road again.

As we continue to uncover the history of Camp Fuller, we realize that this story is still being told.  

For the collective efforts and dedication of the Archive Project Committee and those who visit this website, we thank you for your support and input and hope we continue to bring you back to Camp Fuller.

‘til we meet again,

The Camp Fuller Archive Project Committee

Rick Gaddes

Louisa Votava

Steven Schwartz

Kate Messier

Rachael Lewis

Jonathan Geiger