Camp Fuller Goes to the Movies

Watch the first in a series of old camp movies

Welcome Back to Part 2 of “Camp Fuller Goes to the Movies”.  In case you missed the first part, you can still find it on this website.   Again, our thanks to Fred Weiss, Steven Schwartz, Ben Kahn and Stephen Hammond for their time and expertise in helping to bring these old flicks from the late 1950’s to your digital devices.

As you watch these vintage movies, try to imagine being at camp when these were taken.  Were things really that different 60 years ago than they are today?  We still file into the mess hall and sit with our tent or cabin, recite the graces that are still posted on the old walls and enjoy a hearty meal served family-style before running out for the next activity.

A short hike through the woods to a quiet, secluded spot overlooking Salt Pond was and still is a perfect setting to participate in an ecumenical service shared with the whole camp.   When you were at Camp Fuller, everyone was on the same team and it is still like that today.

Pass the popcorn…

We hope you enjoyed watching some more of these vintage movies from the past.  Although the haircuts and attire has changed, the Spirit of Camp Fuller remains the same today as it did decades ago.

‘til we meet again…