Camp Fuller Nut Club

The lost tradition of the Camp Fuller Nut Club
By Steve Palmer

With any camp that has been around for over 100 years, traditions come and go.  Stories and memories are passed down from one summer to the next and sometimes they just cease to exist.  Before you know it, a variation pops up or a new tradition begins.  These traditions are what create lasting memories, which sometimes outlast the actual tradition.

The Camp Fuller Nut Club is one of those past traditions that lived for years, but gradually faded over time.  Membership was open to anyone who did something so funny or outrageous that nobody would believe it.  Steve Palmer fondly recalls being inducted into the Nut Club during his years at Fuller….

“I can recall being inducted into this prestigious club in the Mess Hall in front of the entire camp.  We stood there and had to sing our song with one finger on our head while we turned around”.

The song went like this:

I’m a little acorn brown,

Lying on the dusty ground.

Nobody cares to pick me up,

Because I’m a nut, Yes, I’m a nut.

This ritual was so much fun, that over the years I have inducted many family members and friends into this exclusive fraternity.

If you were inducted into the Camp Fuller Nut Club, tell us your story.  We’ll post it to the website and you can become part of the Camp Fuller Archive Project.