From Our Inbox

A digital family reunion from an old photo found on the website

The Archive Project receives emails from people who visit the website.  This one, sent to us by Sherry Edmonson Snow really caught our attention not only from a generational perspective, but because it spoke about finding a family member who attended Camp Fuller in the 1930’s.

The email was received on March 18, 2022 via the Archive Project website and was referring to photo #1590 (above) in the Decades section of our photo gallery.

My grandfather, Gardiner Smith Edmondson (aka Eddie) is the young man in the center row, middle camper.  I have found him in a few other photos as well.  His son, my father, Bain Edmondson was also a camper at Fuller probably in the late 1940’s through early 1950’s.  Thank you for sharing these photos.  I enjoy seeing my grandfather at such a young age!.  
Best regards,
Sherry Snow
A page from the 1932 yearbook "The Log" with Eddie Edmondson in the center of the middle row.