From the Director's Chair

Welcome to The Official Camp Fuller Archive Project, a living history of a beloved place many of us have called home for generations.  My name is Kate Messier and I am the current director of Camp Fuller.  This website is a repository for all things about Camp Fuller.  Our goal was to create an on-going and interactive collection of the hundreds of old photos, stories, songs and music, traditions and memories that have all made up the fabric of Fuller since its inception in 1887.  

I invite you to watch the video on our Home Page and spend some time reading about the rich history of camp.  Learn more about some of the iconic places and traditions that we have featured here and browse through the hundreds of pictures we have posted.  Who knows, you may find yourself among them.

We want to make this website about YOU and your memories of time spent at Fuller, whether it was last summer or fifty years ago.  We want to hear your story and learn about what made your time here so memorable.  Send us some old photos, digital images of your Sun Prod T-shirt, or a letter you may have sent home while you were away from your family.  Send us a story or tell us about a prank you pulled off or something crazy that happened while at camp.  

Check out the link called SEND US YOUR STUFF and feel free to share whatever you have.  Share this website with an old camp friend and join our mailing list.

Enjoy what we have put together so far and hold on for more to come.

‘til we meet again…