Go Back to Camp Fuller This Summer!

Family camping is back. Be a part of it.

While the camping industry continues to navigate through the challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Camp Fuller has again responded in a positive, proactive manner. Although traditional camp will not be a part of the 2021 Summer Program, Family Camping will return for the entire season.  

What better way to spend part of your summer than by going back to re-live some of your memories with your family and friends.  Spend a few nights in your old Sherman cabin with your kids or grandkids.  Jump in the salt water, go for a sail, make a lanyard, shoot some hoops up on the Hill, or just read a book on the swimming beach.   Run the road, kayak out to the island, fly a kite and roast marshmallows on an open fire.  Sing some of your old favorites and teach them to the next generation while telling camp stories and enjoying the fresh salt air that surrounds Fuller.  

All this is possible by going back to camp again…this time with your family and friends.  

Take your family sailing on Salt Pond

For the second summer, Camp Fuller is offering FAMILY CAMPING on beautiful Salt Pond.  If you have ever thought of going back to camp and to the memorable summers you spent in this special place, you can now go with your family and friends.  Just imagine a few care-free days sailing, hiking, digging your own quahogs for dinner and reminiscing about yesteryear while you are actually at camp.

Family Camp will run the entire summer and is set up for 2-3 day stays both on weekdays and weekends. There will be a wide range of housing opportunities which could accommodate up to 22 people.  You set up your own schedule of activities, cook your own meals, leave for the afternoon for some touring around South County and come back for a quiet camp fire.  You can even bring your own boats and bicycles.

Re-live your Council Fire memories

Get together with your friends and go to camp together, just like you used to do.  Those who came to Family Camp last year raved about their experiences:

“Being able to be on camp with our kids overnight during summer months was magical.  Love that sailing was available.”

“Wonderful, enthusiastic staff, in a Covid-respectful environment, helping us try new things with our kids.”

“Doing with my kids the things I loved as a child, sailing, sleeping in a cabin, swimming in that salty pond.”

“We were made to feel welcome, yet safe.  The activities were great.  Evening campfire also was a big plus.  Camp staff was incredibly friendly and helpful.”

Jump back in and refresh yourself

Don’t wait, go back to camp this summer.  For more information use this link about Family Camp https://sway.office.com/i9oA2LupizcuRIgb?ref=Link

or call the office (401) 783-5359.

‘til we meet again… it’s closer than you think.