Reflections from Thatcher Stone

Camp Memories from the 1960s
By Thatcher Stone

There has to be something really special about a place and an experience that evokes the kind of love, affection and positive memories that Camp Fuller brings out in all of us. For me, the friendships, the waterfront and the sailing program have had lifelong positive impact. Lifelong. When I saw my first sailing master Barlow two Springs ago with a group of other alumni, it was remarkably meaningful, and I told him so.

Camp Fuller Staff c1960

When I had dinner with the Bear and Jeanie several years ago we both remembered my WSI practical which was amazing. The lessons I learned from my senior camp craft colleague Bill Ressler. I remember those pointers every time I pitch a tent or start a campfire or boil an egg in a paper cup in a fire.  Living close to the Blue Ridge that happens often.  Camp Fuller saved me after the loss of my father when I was 10.

Whatever good character qualities I may have they were nurtured and strengthened at Camp Fuller.  May you all have a grand Thanksgiving today.