Visiting Day 1968

The Weiss Family's video brings us back to Visiting Day 1968

Many of us have fond memories of visiting days.  The camp was always looking tip-top for the family and friends who came to visit.  The carnival booths were created to not only provide entertainment but served as a fund-raiser for camp at the same time.  Quahogs, which were abundant within a stone’s throw from the Fuller shores were dug by the entire camp and used as prizes during the carnival.  And who could forget the much-anticipated care packages which were often carried across state lines and given to the starving campers who devoured the contents before the end of the day.  

Our thanks to David, Rob and Fred Weiss for sending this home movie for all of us to enjoy. Let us know if you recognize any of the staff, campers or family members shown.  

Watch the video: