Thank You Camp Fuller

Over the years, hundreds of kids have quietly come to camp through the generosity of others.  At any given time in a family, financial challenges may otherwise prevent a young person from attending camp.   Somehow, some way word gets to those in charge that a family is facing a hardship and may not be able to afford camp that summer.  Decisions are made for all the right reasons, the tide changes and the next thing you know that child is coming down the camp road.  Nobody asks questions and discretion always plays a major role in awarding a campership to a needy child.

Here are a few excerpts of letters written to camp directors over the years thanking those who made an otherwise impossible summer very possible.  

“Thank you for experience of a life.  My favorite things we did there was before bed we would turn off all the lights and light a candle and there would be a question we could all answer.  It was just really nice”.

Chillin' with Friends - 1980s

“Without you we couldn’t be able to return to camp.  We couldn’t share our past experiences at camp and continue the legacy of my grandmother.  Camp is like a second home.  I am so grateful for your generosity”.

“I am writing to thank you for the generous financial aid you are providing.  I’m thankful because camp means so much to me.  Camp is something magical to me and nothing else could compare to it.  Thank you again and I promise I’ll make the most out of this summer”.

All Pulling on the Same Rope - 1990s

“I will always remember my first year as a CIT in Junior Division.  It was Change Day and many parents were at camp to pick up their kids.  I was helping a parent lift her son’s trunk into the back of the car.  She reached into her wallet, pulled out a five-dollar bill and handed it to me with a big smile and “thank you”.  A bit awe-struck, I stuck the five in my pocket and wished them safe travels and a hope to see them next summer.  Walking away with a big grin, Avie approached me and let me know that he had seen the exchange and acknowledged the gratitude expressed by the parent.  He also put his arm around my shoulder and suggested that I put the five into the Staff Appreciation Fund can so that money could be put toward camperships for other kids.  Of course, I did just that and will always remember the encouraging words by Avie.  It was a moment that impacted my life forever.  Thank you, Avie.”