1960s Staff

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Dave "the Bear" Andrews, Avi Avedisian

This was the Top Staff in 1969, the year before I served as Sailing Master (1970).

From left to right: Ken White - Division Leader George Heymont - Business Manager John Blanchard - Sailing Master Phil Guertin - Division Leader Bob Shear - Water Ski Master Chip Briggs - Head of Swimming Ray Wertz- Camp Director The Big Kahuna, aka "Bullet" - Avi - Ast. Director Edi Judd - Camp Nurse Tim Burks - Division Leader Dave "The Bear" Andrew - Waterfront Director

Interesting story:  I had not seen Bob Shear from the end of that summer until 2003.  We had just moved into a housing complex in Smithfield and were walking our dog when we bumped into a couple who had just completed signing forms to purchase a house in the complex.  After chatting for about 15 minutes, we introduced ourselves.  I said John Hirsch and Bob said Bob Shear, and we were both floored.  A renewed friendship started.  I will always remember Bob as a great guy with a hearty laugh. – John Hirsch, 1959- 1970

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