1975 Song Book

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Camp Fuller has always been a boisterous place.  Whether it was a call across the soccer field to a friend, a cheer in the dining hall, or a song that just didn’t sound right unless it was sung at the top of your lungs, voices were all heard.  Songs and music were as much a part of the fabric of Camp Fuller as sailing, archery or the climbing tower.  They were meant to be sung with gusto and would often lead to friendly competitions during what was supposed to be a quiet meal.

Every generation at Fuller had its own songs.  Some were carried over across the years and are still sung today. Remember “I’ve Got Six Pence” or “Three Blue Pigeons”?  How about “Seven Old Ladies” or “Top Notcher”?  Whether you remember the tunes and the words or not, you probably remember the walls of the dining hall shaking with Country Olympic plaques falling to the floor with each round of “Sarasponda”.

Take a look at this 1975 Song Book that was compiled by Avie Avedesian.  Turn the shower on and belt out a few. While you’re at it, teach your family and neighbors a few and sing some Fuller tunes on your next road trip.  Whatever you decide to do, they will bring back fond memories, guaranteed.